Mini Sprinklers irrigation offers a complete line of sprinkler solutions for a wide range of crops. Mini sprinklers earned a reputation as the most reliable and durable sprinklers available with their outstanding distribution uniformity and large water sprinklers simplicity and modular design allows for easy accessory options making them adaptable to almost any application and crop.

Advantages of Mini Sprinkler

› Precise application and adjustment of quantity and rate possible.
› Low pumping costs, operating at the same pressure as drip irrigation.
› Larger wetted zone than with drip irrigation thus plants are less likely to suffer from water stress should there be any delay in irrigation.
› Leaf disease impact is uncertain, leaves remain dry but relative humidities will be enhanced.
› Fertigation and chemigation can be utilized.
› Intermediate wetted area regarding weed control compared to drip and overhead sprinklers.
› Other management tasks generally not obstructed during irrigation application.
› Suitable for automation.
› Efficient utilization of limited water supplies and no runoff.
› Filtration is required but is not as critical as for drip irrigation.

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