RUNGTA Rigid PVC pipes conforms to IS-4985 specifications with latest amendments, manufactured in high-tech plant with latest manufacturing technology under strict quality control.

RUNGTA Rigid PVC pipes are best preferred for disposal of chemical effluent & waste, acid slurries transportation, irrigation in agricultural farms. water supply, telecommunication cable ducting etc.

RUNGTA Rigid PVC pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features

    • Tuff and durable
    • Low weight
    • Easily jointing
    • Good flow characteristic
    • Power saving
    • Safe
    • Leak proof

Resistant to moisture, corrosion, chemical, abrasion & wearingLong lasting & maintenance free



  • Disposal of chemical effluent & waste.
  • Acid & slurries transportation.
  • Salt water handling.


  • Irrigation schemes for agricultural purpose.

Salient Features of Elastomeric Pipes

Tough and Durable: RUNGTA Rigid P.V.C. Pipes & Fittings are strong, impact resistant & unaffected by weather conditions
Light load: Are easy to handle, transport & install even on difficult terrain.
Power Saving: Have smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.
Are completely free from leaks
Reveal Proof: Have smoother bore in comparison to AC and GI pipes which ensures a better flow.
Secure: Are self extinguishing with good thermal & electric insulation.

Opposing to:

  • Wetness.
  • Rust.
  • Chemicals.
  • scrape.
  • exhausting.

Best Flow feature:

There is no deposit formation which implies better flow.

Lifelong & Maintenance Free

Are free from corrode factor, hence last longer and need minimum safeguarding.

Evaluation & benefits of RUNGTA PVC over Galvanized, AC & Cast Iron
Property RUNGTA PVC Pipe Galvanized Pipe AC Pipe Cast Iron Pipe Advantages of RUNGTA

Rigid PVC Pipe

Heaviness Light Heavy Heavy Very Heavy light weight therefore easy in shifting & get-together in jointing
Face Very Smooth Rough Light Rough Rough Smooth surface gives 25 % more flow therefore smaller diameter pipe can be used.
Length 6 meter 5 to 6 meter 3 to 4 meter 3 to 4 meter Available in full length so less joints and couplers. Thus they are economical
Flow Initially 50 % more flow in comparison to other & retain flow till end Initial flow gets reduced slowly because of rust Initial flow is 40 % more Initial flow reduced by 40 to 50 % after 5 to 10 years Full and constant flow from initial stage which is 25 % more than GI Pipe
Effect of rust difficulty of rust does not arise Get rusted Do not get rusted Rapid rust formation It is rust proof therefore lifelong
buildup of particles forming rust Very less change therefore dia of Pipe remains unaltered permanently Particles build up heavily thus dia etc abridged on long run Particles does not mount up Heavy growth of particles thus dia gets reduced after a period Since diameter remains same it gives uniform flow permanently
Life Lasts a lifetime Gets rusted so required to be changed after 30 years Less chances of changing Required change after 20 years Investment once in a lifetime
Cost of material Very less costly Very costly Less costly Very Costly Very economical compared to other pipes

Injection Molded Fittings (20 mm – 200 mm)

Coupler Elbow
Plain End Cap
Service Saddle Reducer
Threaded Elbow Tail Piece
Threaded End Cap Threaded Tee

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